Award from PT. Pos Indonesia.


award from PT. Pos Indonesia


Same as previous year,  this year 2016, We have been awarded from PT. Pos Indonesia. This award is given to on loyalty and trust in the Postal International Service. With this award from year to year is a prove that We always work profesionaly and sincerely to give the best service to our customers, 

At this year, 2014, currently we have more than 6000 customers from all over the world and we believe this number will continue to grow. With the high volume of packages, we have maintained a good relationship with  PT Pos Indonesia to give the priority service on the packages for all our customers. With reliable delivery services, we have shortened the time for you to receive the package.

REMEMBER !! We will never satisfied until you have received the package in whole.

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Friday, 12 February 2016


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